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Welcome to our Meetings Section, on this page you will get a brief introduction to A.A Meetings.

What to Expect at an A.A Meeting

There are a variety of formats for A.A. meetings and each meeting takes on the feel of their local area. At most meetings you will hear members talk about what drinking did to them and to those around them. Most also share what actions they took to stop drinking and how they are living their lives today.

The purpose of all meetings is for A.A. members to “share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.”

What Happens at an A.A Meeting

The chair usually opens the meeting with the reciting the serenity prayer, A.A. Preamble and a few remarks. The chair will often ask if there are any people new to A.A. attending the meeting who would like to introduce themselves. It isn’t mandatory to identify yourself but it might be helpful if you are attending your first meeting.

Many meetings begin with a reading from the Big Book — frequently a portion of Chapter 5 (“How It Works”) or Chapter 3 (“More About Alcoholism”). A statement about anonymity in A.A. as a valuable privacy principle for new and longtime members might be read. Many meetings close with members reciting the serenity prayer, and/or the Responsibility Statement or other A.A. text.